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Before moving on, I will ask a volunteer to give a brief summary of what we learned about a systems of equations in our last class.Before beginning new material, I will return the exit cards from our last class to give students an opportunity to review their responses.It was a fashion statement, it seems." Later on, for his performance of best song nominee "Happy," he put on full-length pants and another big ol' hat.Who was the guy next to Bradley Cooper in Ellen's epic Oscar selfie?

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Oscar night has a strict dress code — women aren't even permitted to wear sneakers under their long dresses. An Academy librarian told TODAY, "His pants were short, but it was still a formal look.

Today's Do-Now students asks students to create equations of lines that are either parallel or perpendicular.

This topic was taught during our last unit, but some students may still need a reminder to refer to their old notes if they have forgotten the relationship between parallel and perpendicular lines.

It is what it is.] I haven't done many stories on The Lonely Black Woman Industrial Complex™ lately, mostly because much of the MSM's analysis on why sistas can't get hitched is repetitive and seems like a kneejerk reaction to there being a married black couple in the White House.

It's not a particularly new topic, but since it appeared in the Wall Street Journal and has somewhat of an economic angle, I figured why not discuss it. Three in 10 college-educated black women haven't married by age 40; their white peers are less than half as likely to have remained unwed. As a black man, my interest in the issue is more than academic.

So lets see how we are helping few of them to make it happen. (check how to make a hinge like app)Like hinge there is another app started by 3 sisters who said NO to mark Cuban when he asked to invest in the company.