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“If I was your girlfriend, would you let your belly be my pillow?” another chirpily asks her plump admirer, who is visibly bewildered.While the other judges mock, she pipes up with, "I actually think it looks cute on him!"The list of examples is long: "Dancing With the Stars" slyly feeds the faux-showmance machine particularly well, particularly as its pro dancers and celebrity contestants are in such close quarters.but less so about the talent and more about whose personality sounds interesting enough to spend the night with.Other famous “bachelors” on the show include Pauly D, Rob Kardashian and The Situation.If you read celebrity gossip sites, you may have seen the recent rumors about Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani. It's a time-honored Hollywood tradition of the faux-showmance, and one we can't help but notice as the TV season begins. It's a question you always need to ask yourself when you see a story about two celebrities dating. Are they currently starring on one that needs viewers?

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PHOTOS: Eligible A-list singles "What started out as a goof ended up being a ridiculously good format," the network's alternative series president Mike Darnell tells of the series, hosted by -- and listen to the sexy singles try to woo them.

However even the show's efforts to sidestep bullying by only letting the audience rank 9s and 10s could not avoid a weird racial tension that floated below the surface.

Like in the case of one bubbly girl who came out and introduced herself as “Asia” and then quickly assured Pauly D, “but I am NOT Asian.” Or the ultimate winner, Nia, a stunning black woman who answered a straightforward question about how she’d mend a broken heart by suggesting the white bachelor “put some coffee in his cream.” That answer was underlined even further when Annapurna, Nia's fellow contestant who hadn’t heard Nia’s answer, suggested “chocolate” as a good cure for a broken heart to the wild applause of the audience.

If The Choice was ever intended to be a show about women being judged on anything other than looks (HIGHLY DOUBTFUL), that lofty goal was struck down by the first boisterous hoot when the first contestant’s wildly shimmying silhouette danced on the 30-foot tall projection screen in the center of the stage. The Choice is all about rewarding the good-looking, and the fact that such a set-up implicitly punishes fugly innocents is not something it wants to discuss.

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The Choice is not trying to say that basing attraction on looks is superficial, it’s predicated on the idea you can ONLY be attracted to someone based on looks, and when you can’t look for yourself, you have to use every clue available to make sure she is, in fact, hot before you pull that “love handle.” The women onstage spent their precious seconds trying to convince the bachelors that they were good looking, describing themselves like prized show dogs. keeps its tone light, its girls beautiful, and its audience therefore reasonably polite.

Let’s quickly review the show's process, because it seemed remarkably complicated for a meat market and never paused to explain itself (Cat Deely, the hostess, has better things to do, like get this show in the can and move on to her next hosting gig. A lady comes out and has 40 seconds to start saying anything about herself to attract them.

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