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Browse member’s videos, photos and audio messages and get your free and safe personal number for UK Gay Chat.

We were contacted today by the founder of the soon to launch social network for gay men Big

We are now the largest association for bisexuals on earth today. It is most likely that no living person on Earth today has met, known and observed more happy (and unhappy) bi and bi-curious men than Mac Mc Cloud. A to Z of Meeting on the Net - Our famous guide for hooking up with other BI guys using our groups and other free Internet resources - written by our founder Mac - A MUST READ - The definitive guide to more sex done safely!!

Our Travel Desk group helps BI men on the road hook up with other BI men in the area in which they are traveling.

I didn't know why I was getting them or what they were for, but I tried my best to ignore them. The one-teacher school, with a couple of dozen kids, was in a village a couple of miles away, so we had to walk to and from school though the bush.

One day in school a group of guys were talking about having "wet dreams." I knew nothing of what they talked about, but from what I was listening to, I thought it was something bad and that my mother wouldn't like it if my sheets were sticky when she went to wash them. I was 7 years old and in 3rd grade, but we all played together with boys in the upper grades.

Everyone's awareof the liberal media bias in the news,but what about the way they portray couplesin every sitcom, where there's a dumb husbandchasing his wife around the whole episode like,"I want to have sex," and she's never in the mood? [cheers and applause] I assure you, ladies,this is not the perspective you're going to enjoy. I havea very gender-specific slant that I ride pretty hard.

They just hammerthat stereotype home that men alwayswant to have sex and women never do. Because the reality is, whether you wantto admit it or not, no man's everloved you more or been more physicallyattracted to you than he was the first timehe had sex with you. Okay, now, don't look at himright now and make the eveninguncomfortable.

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As you can see by the following short profiles, these sites targeting a demographic with two traits in common (gay men) are all very different.We have traveled the world together and indulged in ecstatic pleasures for more than 6 decades.I became aware of him as a secret source of enjoyment when I was 6.I tried to note the ones where the guys were particularly hot.

Jake Jake calls itself the world’s largest gay professional community. The company reports almost 30,000 members sending two million messages to each other over the past year and attending exclusive real world events together.We provide more erotic pictures and videos than some adult pay sites!

Besides having a shower regularly, you need to keep this area dry.… continue reading »

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