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05-May-2016 01:53

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November 17, 2016 (Life Site News) — The online “hookup” and “dating” app Tinder announced Tuesday that it is expanding its “gender identity” choices for users from “male” and “female” to a total of almost 40 genders in a move heralded by the widely-distrusted “mainstream” media who regularly promote transgenderism.

Since the goal of many gender-confused people is to “pass” as the opposite sex, it can be confusing if a male Tinder user thinks, for example, that he’s saying “yes” to a woman — only to find out later that the “woman” is really another (biological) man who is “identifying” as female.

(See this dated GLAAD report, “Unmasking the So-Called ‘Ex-Gay’ Activists.”) Tinder took the action after “transgender” users complained that they were being “reported” on the site by other users who found out they were transgender — after which they were often blocked temporarily by the site.

However, one man’s claim of victimization or online “harassment” is another’s assertion of his basic right and need to know if the person with whom he is interacting is actually biologically male or biologically female.

Let’s broaden our discussion, to include all of our sex-positive brothers and sisters.

It is perfectly OK to not yet be familiar with these terms -- but as you seek to better understand the trans community, it helps to start by understanding some of the language. Transgender is an umbrella term used to describe a person who does not identify specifically with their assigned gender from birth.

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