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21-Jun-2016 22:52

Not being that well traveled in my youth, I was fascinated to be able to sit at my computer in the middle of nowhere and talk to a middle-aged man from Luxemburg, a young lady from Spain, a rather obnoxious American, I forget which part, and a chap from Australia.Well, at least, that is where they said they came from.Being online becomes a priority, to the detriment of real-life relationships.The counseling center at the University of Rochester offers a useful checklist to help people with cyber sex addiction, and their friends and families, to recognize the problem.

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Some 83 per cent did not consider themselves to be cheating, while the remaining 17 per cent regarded it as a "weak" form of infidelity they could easily justify.

Others, though, spend so much time on cyber sex that their lives and relationships suffer.