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25-Apr-2016 12:30

Although very little is known about her personality.

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Want to follow all of these networks and people on Twitter? A group of some of the most powerful women at Twitter (or formerly at Twitter), these six angels are investing individually but still pooling their collective expertise around their investments. They “also offer an unique training program to educate novice angels in the fundamentals of investing in young companies,” according to their website. This network of around 20 angels is “an angel investment group made up of world-class investors and business executives who all happen to be women.” While they mostly invest in information technology, they are open to other areas of investment, as well. According to Sarah’s Medium article, “It’s a Google Group comprised of every female startup investor you know of and tons you don’t.

Your profile will consist of a few photographs, your first name/user name, your age, and a quick little bio about yourself. I’m looking for an intelligent date here, not a ruthless killing machine.

The app will pull your stuff from your Facebook profile, but you have the ability to edit everything before sending it out to the world. If your profile is blank, I don’t care if you look like Arc Angel Michael- it’s not happening. Once your profile is all polished, you’ve chosen 5 appropriate photographs, and written a little something about yourself, you are ready to play!

Determined, I found with a little digging that the information I was looking for was there — it was just scattered across the internet.

Starting with female investors, I consolidated my findings into a descriptive list of experienced angels and early-stage investors with experience in all sorts of tech, so that anyone can easily use it to choose today to pursue diverse investor and advisory boards.

I have compiled a list of dos and don’ts for setting up your profile: DO- Use recent photographs of yourself. Smiling without showing your teeth signals a lack of confidence. If your profile contains no photos, or photos of random stuff and not you, that’s not cool. You set up if you’re looking for men, women, or both, an age range that interests you, and how far away you would like to look. You can scroll through the pictures they have used, keeping in mind that they are putting their best foot forward.