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19-Apr-2016 06:09

The police man assigned to protect me from the others is now one of my best friends and thought enough of me after all the crap I brought to their door step to introduce me to a woman that is a cousin of his wifes and we are now dating.What I should have done in the first place is go to Ghana on vacation and let it be known I was interested in a girlfriend and the whole country would have offered me their sisters.The 27-year-old’s explanation was ignored and replaced by endless online drag sessions, with one resulting in the resurface of his Black Planet page.

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one for the good guys, recently I was duped by a dating scam upon arrival in Ghana I could not give a destination address and immigration would not let me pass I told them that she was waiting for me on the other side and would provide an address we went together and there was a 10 year old holding a sign with my name and when the officer went to question the boy where is the girl the boy wet his pants the officer asked the boy who sent him he pointed out a group of 20 something guys and they arrested one and the rest ran for cover I was detained and held in protective custody by the police I was taken to a hotel near the airport and asked not to leave over the next two weeks the 22 year old boy confessed to masterminding the hole thing and said he invented all three of the names and fake ID's used in the scam included in the scam was 2 persons from the immigration service regarding transfer of gold into my name to be shiped to the USA In short the immigration service was not involved and took it very personally that they were used in the scam.

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He asks a girl out on TV (not to mention that she is one of the MOST obnoxious people on television) during biggest and craziest time of his life then tells Regis and Kelly, "I had the opportunity to go out on a date the other night." How old are we? Then when the camera guy said, "You make a cute couple" DC says, "Thank you". … continue reading »

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Got questions, I've got answers Hello everyone!!! So ideally I'm looking to chat with guys who are interested in fucking lots of...… continue reading »

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