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19-Jun-2016 06:40

I didn’t notice this until several days later, leading to a large gap in the stats for April. Unfortunately, it’s a bit labor intensive, and depends on how you rotate your apache logs (if at all, which you should).The AWStats Documentation (see FAQ-COM350 and FAQ-COM360) has some basic steps to fix the issue, outlined below: Again, depending on how you have Apache logs set up, this can be an intensive process.We have been working on a long-term resolution to this issue.In the meantime, I would recommend using a 3rd party statistics program, such as Google analytics.Sometimes AWStats will miss some days in calculating stats for your site, and that leaves a big hole in your records. I reinstalled some software on our AWStats machine, and forgot to reinstall cron.Cron is the absolutely necessary tool for getting the server to run things on a timed schedule.If your statistics have not been updated for more than 24 hours you can manually update them by logging in your c Panel and going to Web / Ftp Statistics, Awstats.There you will find a button "Update Now" which will update your AWStats statistics immediately.

Sometimes a server can get behind on its statistical report calculations, typically because most processes that run on the server that are vital to your website being up, have a higher priority than statistic processing.This guide will walk you through updating your stats from cpanel, this will allow you to pull the latest statistical information from the logs and review the information in the Awstats reports.This never ever works I don't care what this article says.It is free and provides more in-depth statistics, often accurate within 3 hours.

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(if you use a package provided with a Linux distribution or Windows installer, step 1 might have already been done; if you don't know, you can run this step again) After downloading and extracting the AWStats package, you should run the awstats_script to do several setup actions.Yes, it works from the shell, however I have multiple domains and there should be a better way of updating the stats everyday automatically.

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