Ansonia clock dating

17-Oct-2016 01:41

As the firm of Phelps & Peck they exported Sourthern cotton to England and imported metals to New York in return, becoming New Yorks largest metal importer of the time. The city of Ansonia was originally part of a larger area called Derby.After his partnership with Peck dissolved, he formed the firm of Phelps, Dodge & Co. When the city was incorporated in 1889 it was named Ansonia in honor of Anson Phelps.It provided a safe alternative to the hazardous use of mercury in gilding metals, which was banned c1799.c1660 – calendar movements were introduced to English longcase clocks.

Terry and Andrews, who had a successful clockmaking business in Bristol, sold half of their business to Phelps in exchange for cheaper brass materials.

He later moved to Hartford and went into business for himself as a merchant and a shrewd trader.