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How do you get Access to store the result of a calculation?For example, if you have fields named Quantity and Unit Price, how do you get Access to write Quantity * Unit Price to another field called Amount? " Calculated columns are part of life on a spreadsheet, but do not belong in a database table.We recommend using Active Directory and trusted links as your best scenario.Juan Soto is a Senior Access Developer at IT Impact Inc. He specializes in Access with SQL Server databases.When you attempt to modify the design of a linked table in Access you receive the following message: This is because the design of the linked table is owned by the underlying object within SQL Server.

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Don’t load more data than you need to I’ve bounded forms to tables with several million records with no problem, how? Here’s how: Say you have a table of customers called tbl Customers and that the primary key is Customer ID, to load just one customer in your frm Customers form you would use the following syntax: Where lng Customer ID is a variable holding the Customer ID you wish to see.

Changing records manually is not only time consuming, it is also inefficient, and lends itself to errors as you update the records.

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